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My boundary lines fall for me in pleasant places

This title is a biblical verse taken from the psalms which is held close by the Casalis family.Their story is one of hope and encouragement. Just this week their eldest daughter Gracie started high school. Her birth truly a miracle when for 7 years , to be pregnant was a dim opportunity never mind an […]… Read More »

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After the Rain

Thank you to you , the Bennet family for this opportunity many years ago to make good memories. And for standing alongside us as we live life, especially in the last year.  Amidst sorrow, there is joy , filled supernaturally as “your verse” inspires us onward. This painting is for you …. Read More »

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Peek a Boo, I see you – in memory of Joshua John de Vlieg. 27:11:2013-19:07:2016

Losing a child is not natural. I was so conscious that the rain falls and sweeps the dust away and am reminded of the beautiful lives of everyone that has passed and those lives that have settled back to the new normal on earth. This morning my prayer reaches deep into the hearts of those […]… Read More »

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Today I tapped into the race, others are running it. It is my turn to support from the sideline. Comrades day in South Africa is always exciting to witness even from your TV screen. I know people running as perhaps so do you and I have known those that never finished it , dusted that […]… Read More »

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This morning as I prepared for class, I looked out the window of my fragrant kitchen and delighted in seeing the Garden Queen standing so proud to face the morning light. I thought to post her for all you Rose painters, in particular some special folk in studio today. Behind the scenes , the crab […]… Read More »

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