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TOUCHED By Ana Pereira de Vlieg Beneath the paint of my latest cloud and seascape is a word, ‘touched’. I love to write and do so throughout my day. It seemed appropriate to incorporate these line drawing words, beneath my paintings and I pursued this for a while. To be honest, this block had been […]… Read More »

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Revealing Heaven Secrets

Sunday 29 November 2020 Sunday Paintings Revealing Heaven’s Secrets As I sat watching the sun rise this morning, I recalled the vision I had yesterday. Seen here in this post. An image in my head of a huge vessel entering the harbour carrying nourishment of all sorts for the city. Golden healing gifts to remind […]… Read More »

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Climbing Mountains

There is a different kind of breathing one requires to climbing up mountains. There is a different story to tell. Keep close, as I begin to share this story around one painting that I was recently commissioned to create. I imagine the breath used when climbing mountains to being one that is focused and steady. […]… Read More »

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Soaring when you feel Sore-Creativity through Difficult Times

CREATIVITY IN DIFFICULT TIMES Soaring through the Sore Times by Ana Pereira de Vlieg Would you be interested if you knew that Creativity empowers you to feast in the presence of your enemies? That it is a tool we have been gifted with in our DNA that can help us to process uncertainty and then […]… Read More »

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Summer s Cricket Season at Kearsney College

From Trailing the Trappist Exhibition to a trail of a different kind – Cricket. This past weekend saw what would be the last event in our son’s school career. The Cricket dinner . This lead me to sketch each boy and present them with an etch , fitting for a school full of tradition . […]… Read More »

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