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The Game of Art and Hockey

  Someone once said that when you buy something from an artist , you buy more than an object. You’re buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation, years of frustration and moments of pure joy. Likewise when we watch you young men play hockey and incredible goals are gained for Kearsney College, we too […]… Read More »

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The Flight of the Hockey Figure

Tonight we celebrated the end year dinner of the Kearsney first team hockey 2017. It was with such tenderness I sketched these boys for a book that was compiled by , Tracey and Simon Hudson using the help of  photographs taken by Tracey Van den Aardweg, Ann Farqharson, Yvonne and Mark Conway and I . […]… Read More »

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Teddy Mascot for a brilliant team .

Today I sketched a teddy , one that is loved by young men who play first team hockey at a local school. This Mascot called Rex is approachable, patchy and it is chubby. On posting it for all to see and to enjoy , I realize that this time last year I wrote about my […]… Read More »

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Happy 16th Luisa – 7th/07/2017- with love

For a few consecutive years our aloe on the verge birthed forth new blooms matching the birthday years of my daughter Luisa . Nine, ten, eleven, twelve blooms like her own candelabra announcing her age, each consecutive year. Today she turns 16 and the Aloe has since her 13th year stopped blooming. The memory remains […]… Read More »

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Brian and Courtney s Mystical, Memorable and Marvellous Marriage in the Midlands .

. These two caught my eye early on in their relationship. The way of dress, the looks , the stance , I could not put a finger on it . The magic continued and what a blessing to be allowed to witness the union. Two deep thinking individuals ready to embrace their love in marriage. […]… Read More »

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