Climbing Mountains

Oil on Canvas
1200 x 900

There is a different kind of breathing one requires to climbing up mountains. There is a different story to tell. Keep close, as I begin to share this story around one painting that I was recently commissioned to create.

I imagine the breath used when climbing mountains to being one that is focused and steady. When I saw that this painting is now hanging between two doorways, it intrigued me. And excited me. As if by walking towards the image of one’s experience, gathers momentum. Reminds one perhaps of moments that were gruelling yet sustainably beautiful.

Having recently begun a new exercise regime during stage 1 lockdown, I became aware that my breathing was erratic at first and not at all co ordinated with my body which felt slow and heavy. I have found breathing to holds your activity in space. How many hours of training does it take to climb confidently? Breathing becomes a challenge. And yet, looking at this image, reveals a victorious moment.
Matt rides as an ambassador for his family business called “Home Icecream”. This name imprinted on the arm and shoulders of his shirt.

When we find those moments of beauty, we would like to record it. Look upon it. To be reminded and to walk through it to the other side of understanding of the benefits of resilience, persistence and determination wrapped up in the love of one’s very own gifts and destiny.

Today it seems to be raining over all parts of the world where my family live. Tucked up snug inside your homes I hope to connect with family and friends, fellow strangers too, through one last story around my painting.

I painted this image instinctively although I worked from a photograph. I made decisions around what to highlight and what to soften so that the painting told a story. The skies lead the eye into the helmet which frames the face, glasses and sleeves.

The under painting was a happy red. This is able to be seen to hug some of the shapes displayed. The incredible coincidence is that the line left in the tyre quite by accident is the hallmark of that tyre’s branding. How would I have known?

Soaking unhurriedly in the soil of creativity leads one into feeling out imagination and sparks of insight offered by a good God.

I am reminded that creativity also finds a niche inside the Culinary Arts.Looking forward to buying home made ice cream from this family business when the weather warms up.

For those interested in buying Home Ice_cream,
here are the details …

Locally produced to certain spars and other markets.
For enquiries email Margie at
or visit their site on

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