A look at Lara Mellon in the latest exhibition at Fat Tuesday

All the works on this exhibition at Fat Tuesday are small. Possibly due to the size of the venue but also due to the intimacy of the work. Small works cause the viewer to come closer to view the work.  In Mellon s work this is important so that one in essence peels back the mist on the surface to be able to focus on what lies beneath.   
I find it interesting in the light of Maggie s healing and restoration process that Lara worked from darker, earthy tones in this body of work to lighter, cooler, airier, silver hues. Was this process also for her a cathartic one bringing peace and rest for her soul? Yes! Indeed!
Steal Away Silver 1

The texture in her mixed media work is paramount to her. This artist makes texture, changing the surface from two dimensional into relief. I see her process as an archeological dig, where she excavates the layers on the physical surface of the painting as much as she digs deep into her soul to discover what she longs for.  In a sense Mellon steals time from the rigidity of her day into the freedom of discovering this expressive space.  “Steal Away Silver 1”  and “Steal Away Silver 2” exemplifies this point.

A lot of Mellon s work contains tiny little cut out figures which first appeared in her Berlin series in 2008. Her reference was from photographs taken of people seen on the side of the road whilst she travelled in her car. Not knowing them , she cut them out and used their templates, their existence in her landscapes. They are shadows of people this artist responds to.  I daresay that 
many perhaps would have much rather been experiencing Mellon s landscapes than their own. Her sweeping skies has a strong association to Turners. 
Steal Away Silver 2

Lara Mellon, impulsive, intuitive, works, re works, breaks down, builds up ( Palimpsest) and continues to layer until it feels right. A similar approach to her colleague, Joan Martin.

Romantic qualities can be seen in her work. Lara s favourite scripture is “ Look to the hills… psalm 121” The psalms were love letters to God. This influences the spirit of her work. 
Indeed the artist shared with me about her rides on horseback in her youth. These paintings capture that exotic time for her where she was able to just be alone without feeling lonely. Her works capture the smell of earth, the dew on wet soil, the wind in her hair, the smell of the grasses. Her work inspires in me the romantic and the nostalgic, it moves me to long for the silence and for the slow
In the search to find self, Mellon discovers rest, restoration and recovery, healing. She imparts this to the viewer and prompts the audience to also dwell in this place of mist where time in a sense stands still. 

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