My Joshua John turned 6 months the other day.
It feels like another lifetime since I pressed the pause button of teaching in my studio in order to focus on this little big exhibition.

Gods Grace shone down on us as a family when Joshua was born and the story of an older couple having a “laat lammetjie” certainly challenged our perception of reality. Having had the miracle and bursting with love, I could not have painted him any better into the fabric of our lives. Our children,  Luisa aged 12( left) and Luke aged 15(below), have embraced this bundle of all sorts with such honour and praise. I am proud of them.

Time stands still. The daily doing required of my hands has replaced the brush and oil paints for now. 

Sleepy moments wrapped in the arms of peace carried me through Joshua s two colicky months.
Now that he is sitting, laughing and gurgling, I cannot resist kissing his firm, cool, rounded cheeks and gaze upon the biggest distraction in my life. Thank God it is an appointed one for a mother and no guilt need creep selfishly into my being.

My daily doodling and sketching has been sporadic and replaced with moments of research and reading to better the environment of my students. AH! This contact I have missed and as I reopened my doors recently to people wanting to create in a safe haven, my spirit soared strong and I smile contently today.

I cannot wait to share with you some of the stories that occur inside the walls of Ana s  Studio. Some of the folk that have blossomed and shone, and today are testament to the power of art in bringing one to a place of peace, self realisation , and much like laughter, the act of making has brought them “good medicine” in this world under heaven.

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