My boundary lines fall for me in pleasant places

My boundary lines fall for me in pleasant places

This title is a biblical verse taken from the psalms which is held close by the Casalis family.Their story is one of hope and encouragement. Just this week their eldest daughter Gracie started high school. Her birth truly a miracle when for 7 years , to be pregnant was a dim opportunity never mind an impossibility. When finally the couple decided to surrender…Voila as they say…Gracie strongly became flesh and not just a twinkle in their hearts and eyes. And soon after, James followed.  A beauty to behold,Gracie – the child of blessing, now sits upon “the rock of salvation” with her brother – James – the child of promise. Together they gaze the view of oceans and South African Coastal forests  from an old family home. Indeed , their boundaries have fallen upon pleasant places.  A serene stillness sits reflecting and resting upon the landscape and seascape and upon the hearts filled with promise for generations to come.

This painting was a commission and begun by using ultramarine and quinacridone oil paint. In different measures, the tone allowed for a good base to work on. The complementary colours of cerulean, cobalt, titanium white and viridian was used to layer the ocean. The rocks were put in next using thicker palette knife action. Raw Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Burn’t Sienna and the same ocean colours My palette generally is quiet limited as I feel the recipe begins to pull together better in the end, the pink undertone in parts of the sky converse with the pink in her clothing and so forth. At times a detailed section is experienced( my way of slowing my brain down to focus). At other times a looser motion is applied depending on my mood and the call of the painting. I enjoy the play of layered paint through glazing and also the life seen in paint applied passionately “a la prima”. The layers of glazing requires great patience whilst the latter calls for a active energy. Just like the ocean which for me is a metaphor of human nature.

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