Celebrating small but significant marks in a busy world.

Thanking us for the messages of congrats.
Fluzy on the floor


Art Groups have so many reasons for being. Being a teacher in one has made me grow and live many experiences through the eyes of the people that walk through my doors and share the studio space.
Debi Frizelle is one such lady, and I feel a good example of noticing the little marks present in our daily lives. One day I was fetching my daughter from Acrobats when the teacher, Debi Frizelle , herself called me in to see something… there on the floor of the studio was “Fluzy” an impression that reminded her of her beloved dog. That day she added pencil to this impression on the cement floor. Now that is fusing art with life indeed.

Talented supreme, Debi has gone on to win many golden awards for her calligraphy year after year at the annual Royal show and indeed, she came fourth in a recent drawing competition out of 80 entries at the Artisan Gallery.
Debi’s father inspired me to paint him as the legend ( find the painting under Faces, Fields, Forests and Fantasy). He is a perfect example of an artisan, someone who is able to produce fine work from whatever his hands touch, be it making the easels from my studio, dabbling with paint in his youth and fixing up vintage cars, nothing was too impossible. On one of our visits, my son and his friend were so inspired by this man s spirit that they came home to bang together a wooden table for my studio.
Deb’s mother was equally talented in producing magnificent carvings out of wood, tables, clocks, headboards and such. And of course we were blessed and touched when Shirley or what I called her ” Serenity”, produced a fine embroidered bag for my little girl. Their home in Glenwood is a pleasure to seek out for it’s heavy laden in history and love of family. This family will always be remembered by me, folk come across your path, and one knows one will not forget.

The folks behind some art-embroidery

Debi carries the blessing of her parents generation in her loyalty and faithfulness towards her family, and to her acrobat girls that grace her studio. Her delicate gifts of flowers and orchards to me over the years remind me of the soft way in which she paints. Brush marks are not her thing for her love for perfection and stroking of surfaces with colours that vibrate in quiet luminosity gives her great pleasure to see.

As we embark on yet another Acrobat championship this year, we wish you all the blessings of unity and glory that that brings and in this month of September we wish you a wonderful birthday month, we celebrate you…

A tender moment of holding hands.
One of Debi’s paintings of a loved Acrobat .
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