The Game of Art and Hockey


Sepia Etching of Kearsney’s Mason Astro , Hockey Huddle First Team 2017 and photographer Tracey Van den Aardweg.

Someone once said that when you buy something from an artist , you buy more than an object. You’re buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation, years of frustration and moments of pure joy.

Kearsney’s Mason Astro, the First Team Hockey Boys and photographer Tracey Van de Aardweg 2017

Likewise when we watch you young men play hockey and incredible goals are gained for Kearsney College, we too know the hours of training, the aches and pains, responsibilities carried and the joys this brotherhood of teamwork represents. The ancient art of the etch dates back to the 1400’s. A zinc plate protected by wax is carved out by the artist and a story unfolds. The game begins when the plate gets immersed in acid to engrave the very lines that will form the mark on the page you see. Much happens before the final stamp seals the game finished . The plate is cleaned and oil rubbed on and off, polished just enough to leave the right measure of colour before enduring the Pressure of the Printing Press. Again the plate is cleaned and the process repeated. This image (inside) will only ever be printed 32 times. At the prints outset , the result is never known , for much affects it’s journey. The only definitive is the mark that is made and left for history’s tale. We offer you this ancient art form to always remind you of the gift of sportsmanship marking 2017 . Always to be remembered and respectfully admired for generations to come . With Gratitude. God Bless. Ana P. de Vlieg

Stamping the Chaps

Thank you to Studio 3 and Sharon McClelland’s beautiful Printing Studio.

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