This morning as I prepared for class, I looked out the window of my fragrant kitchen and delighted in seeing the Garden Queen standing so proud to face the morning light. I thought to post her for all you Rose painters, in particular some special folk in studio today. Behind the scenes , the crab flower displays her bustling flowers as busy as the smells on top of my stove. Roasted onions, pumpkin, tomatoes and coloured peppers will soon merge to create a heartening and thick soulful soup to be enjoyed a little later on. This glory is so bright that even the electric fence adds to the dynamism of the image and after the rose it can no longer be seen nor felt. A reminder to us to fix our thoughts on all that is true and lovely and noble, and admirable. To think on this that is worthy of such praise. (Philipians 4:8&9)

Magnificent Monday
Bathed in Glory s light by Ana P de Vlieg

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