“Gogo – Proudly South African”

Little did this “Gogo” know that her wonderful portrait would find itself onto my blank canvas.
AND…then transported to Europe as a gift offering.

The photograph was taken by my mum in law, Gille de Vlieg, who is talented in capturing “just the right look”. Then it was translated by myself.

“Gogo” arrived in England around the same time that my Gog”s (Gille de Vlieg) exhibition of photographs from the eighties was being launched by the city of  Ekurhuleni and South African History Archives (SAHA). This exhibition was to celebrate Heritage Month 2012.
It is titled ” Entering Thembisa” and represents much of the township that Gille had dealings with in the 80’s.

Although I always encourage people to work from their own reference, when it comes to portraiture another ingredient is considered. In fact it is sometimes better to begin portraiture by painting someone you do not know. Somehow the task of representing the person one is fond of is too daunting and a beginner often has that pressure together with grasping the techniques necessary in oil or acrylic painting.

One of Willie Jacob’s ( specialist portrait painter in South Africa) tips is to get your proportions “right” from the outset as this will bring about a far more accurate likeness than colour will. 

Again this emphasises the importance of drawing.

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