The new “Barefoot Lounge” in Bilene

Well into February/March I recall a small part of my holiday in Mocambique. Bilene is the magnet that continues to draw our family to it’s gentle shores. The lagoon is vast and spreads over seventeen kilometres. Cassuarina trees whisper new ideas whilst old fishing boats fall apart and get gracefully rebuilt in my sketches and paintings. The New Year of 2012/2013 was no different except for the addition of a magnificent new lounge to our friends home.

The lounge holds many of my works both old and new. This holiday I enjoyed a rendezvous with the boats . As you will see the colours and textures found from redundant boats on the beach has influenced me greatly. We added some of these finds under the set of 9 paintings done over a period of 10 days.

Sunlight splays through exotic doors

The Reading room

Textures and Teased surfaces

The colour palette I used in painting the boat series.

The last little painting”Open Oars”.

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