“Knobkerrie”oil on canvas.50 x 40

“Knobkerrie” , is the name of the man that my portrait was based on for the recent Durban D’arty exhibition. The photo was taken by my mum in law, Gille de Vlieg, who is a recognised documentary photographer from the 80 s. Her admiration for the man and my observation of his gentle eyes compelled me to exhibit him. I tried out some of Willie Jacobs colour recipe s for portraiture, and enjoyed them very much. Thanks Willie.

Durban D’arty took place at Artspace and the initial idea was suggested by durban artist Caroline Birch. Durban artists were to paint on a 50 x 40 canvas and then allowed to vote their favourite artwork. All signatures were covered by numbers. Prizes galore were handed out and congratulations went to Jane Digby(third) , Julia Forman (second) and Nicole Pletts (first). Artists drew a number out of a hat and then took the same numbered  painting home.

Ana holding Barbara Beck’s painting 

The exhibition brought together a mix of experienced and amateur artists. Some amateurs were sensitive to exhibiting , fearing the disproval of those who would pick their work. Others questioned what they would do if they simply did not find the work they picked appealing. Could they really wipe out another s artwork?  But on the whole, those who exhibited were willing to respect each other and the levels that they were at.

After all…everyONEcounts.

My own story had a fascinating turn. I picked Barbara Becke s acrylic painting called” Seaweed”. Since I tend to work with water myself , I had found it pleasing.  I have since made contact with Barbara, and co incidentally Barbara picked my painting of “Knobkerrie”. What are the chances! Out of 120 participants.

God has a sense of humour indeed!Perhaps the paintings we picked carried a message for each of us, or perhaps we are mean’t to cross paths with the artist… I am sure this exhibition has done much to bring the community together, at least, that was the heart of it.

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